Voices of the People 2015
Commonwealth Foundation June 4, 2015

As registration opens for the Commonwealth People’s Forum 2015 (Malta, 23-26 November), voices from different regions of the Commonwealth stress the importance of citizens having a say in their own governance.

The launch, held in Mdina, Malta on 4 June 2015, marked the opening of registration for the forum.




  1. The CPF needs to take another look of its spokespeople and their activities within their region. Civil Society has to be separated as a pillar of governance and a person speaking on behalf of Civil Society must not be campaigning for any political party. Or is the Commonwealth Foundation supporting the comingling of the pillars of governance defeating the independent voice of Civil Society.

  2. Decision making on development ought to take a bottom-up approach so that the needs of all communities are consolidated into a national agenda. Thereafter, the management of the development strategies and its benefits should trickle down to all communities if the national agenda is to become sustainable. This calls for the establishment of clear structures of listening to all people’s voices, participatory planning and transparent systems of governance at all levels.

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