Resilience as a transformative force for sustainable development
Vijay Krishnarayan September 28, 2015

Resilience as a transformative force for sustainable development

Commonwealth Foundation Director, Vijay Krishnarayan, has introduced the concept of resilience as a transformative force for sustainable development in the Commonwealth.

Speaking as the programme for the Commonwealth People’s Forum (CPF) 2015 starts to take shape, Mr Krishnarayan highlighted how the proximity to the release of the new Global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) will provide an opportunity for civil society organisations to discuss, debate and collaborate to achieve these goals in the future.

“Civil society has been gathering in the wings of Commonwealth Heads of Government Meetings (CHOGM) since 1991, and they’ve always seen it as a significant moment when they can come together across the diversity of the Commonwealth to discuss, debate and exchange ideas.”

On the theme for CPF 2015: ‘What Makes Societies Resilient‘, he expressed that “civil society organisations will be asking themselves, what can be truly transformative about resilience? How can resilience help us to implement a sustainable, equitable global development agenda?”

Alongside this theme, the CPF 2015 will take advantage of the opportunity for civil society to further interrogate the SDGs, and consider the ways in which they can work together with governments and the private sector to see how this new global development agenda can be implemented.

Mr Krishnarayan also confirmed that the Government of Malta has been a consistent advocate of civil society inputs into the CHOGM process, and that the CPF 2015 will for the first time feature “room for meaningful exchange and dialogue between CSOs and policymakers, so that they can discuss some of the issues that really are affecting people’s daily lives”.