Looking beyond the horizon: Resilience in Small Island States
Commonwealth Foundation September 8, 2015

Ahead of the CPF 2015, the Seychelles High Commissioner has given her thoughts and advise on the challenges and opportunities that face Small Island States.

Speaking at the Small States Forum at the 19CCEM , H.E. Marie-Pierre Lloyd emphasised that “we may be small in terms of the area of our islands, but we are a big ocean-based nation. Small can be a challenge, but small is also good. We say small is beautiful, it’s resilient, it’s adaptable because you can turn around very quickly.”

H.C. Lloyd also saw grounds for opportunity in how governance is effected in small states. “With any policy decision, you can actually get to the people very fast, and if you want to introduce change you can do it very quickly.”

Coming from an island, we always want to look beyond the horizon

The High Commissioner also gave an insight into the different perspectives that a small island state lends its people. “Coming from an island, I would say we always want to look beyond the horizon, because from a very early age you looking at the horizon and wondering what is there beyond. So you’re stretching your imagination and stretching your thinking so that it is easier for you to think out of the box… And this is where being small you can turn your so called vulnerability and challenge into a positive thing.”