People’s Forum to host Commonwealth Secretary General all candidates dialogue with civil society
Commonwealth Foundation October 29, 2015

People’s Forum to host Commonwealth Secretary General all candidates dialogue with civil society

It has been confirmed that the candidates to be the next Commonwealth Secretary General will be invited to engage with civil society delegates at the Commonwealth People’s Forum and that this will take place at the Maltese Parliament’s House of Representatives.

On Wednesday 28 October, a delegation from the Commonwealth Foundation, consisting of its Director Mr Vijay Krishnarayan and Deputy Director Ms Myn Garcia paid a courtesy visit to Anġlu Farrugia, Speaker of Malta’s House of Representatives.

The purpose of the visit was to discuss the request made by the Commonwealth Foundation to hold an event entitled ‘Commonwealth Secretary General All Candidates Dialogue’ with the participation of civil society representatives. This encounter will take place on Wednesday 25 November (Day 3 of the Forum programme) at the House of Representatives, and will be chaired by Speaker Farrugia.

Mr Krishnarayan said “The dialogue aims to lodge the importance of civil society to the future of the Commonwealth in the consciousness of the candidates vying to become its next Secretary General.”

“It’s the first time this will have happened at the Commonwealth People’s Forum and we are grateful to the Speaker of the Maltese Parliament for offering to host us” he continued.

Also present for the meeting were Mr Ray Scicluna, Clerk of the House; Ms Jacqueline Micallef Grimaud, Chair of the Commonwealth People’s Forum; Dr Claire Baluci, Member of the Commonwealth People’s Forum; Ms Rita Vella, CHOGM Taskforce and Secretary to CPF; Ms Joany Grima, CF, and Mr Ronnie Vella, CHOGM Taskforce.


Photo: Clodagh Farrugia O’Neill


Commonwealth Foreign Ministers’ Roundtable with Civil Society

On 29 October 2015, George W. Vella, Minister for Foreign Affairs, met with Mr Vijay Krishnarayan, Director of the Commonwealth Foundation, and the Deputy Director of the Foundation, Ms Myn Garcia. Ms Jacqueline Micallef Grimaud, Chairperson of the Commonwealth People’s Forum (CPF), also participated. The aim of the meeting was to discuss the preparations for the Commonwealth Foreign Ministers’ Roundtable with Civil Society, to be chaired by Minister Vella in Malta on Saturday 28 November 2015.

Both Vella and Mr Krishnarayan commended the excellent co-operation between the Government of Malta and the Commonwealth Foundation in the run-up to the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM), which will be hosted by Malta this November, and the events that will be held in its wings, particularly the CPF of 23-26 November. During the meeting, Minister Vella and Mr Krishnarayan agreed that the roundtable should not only serve as an important forum that will provide exposure to Civil Society Organisations from across the Commonwealth, but also as a platform for Civil Society representatives to present their ideas to policymakers.

Speaking about the CPF, the Director of the Commonwealth Foundation explained that this forum will aim to investigate resilience in development in today’s world of growing threats and crisis. He stressed that building resilience is widely accepted as a development planning objective, adding that resilience would also help states to move beyond vulnerabilities. Both sides agreed that civil society organisations have much to contribute to building resilience, and their input can provide a valuable contribution to Commonwealth governments.



Photo: Clifton Fenech