Building resilience in Small States
Commonwealth Foundation July 6, 2015

Dame Pearlette Louisy, Governor General of St. Lucia, explains why building resilience is essential for sustainable development in Small States across the Commonwealth.

Small States have an ecology of their own, they have special characteristics Speaking at the 19th Conference of Commonwealth Education Ministers in The Bahamas, Dame Pearlette said, “There has been a lot of work done on Small States, and the consensus is that Small States have an ecology of their own, they have special characteristics, and that therefore requires a differentiation.

“But the Small States themselves are not aware of that concept … so if they know that, then they are in a better position to understand these challenges, but come up with ways of dealing with them, of coping with them.

“That is where the whole idea of resilience has come in – how do we build that resilience? What is it that we have to understand about ourselves to build this ability to adapt or adjust to change and so assist in the sustainable development of our countries?”

Dame Pearlette continued, “So many Commonwealth member states are Small States, so the Commonwealth is best placed to help Small States speak to make our voices heard.”


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